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Best fuji lenses for xt2 – The Winners!

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List of Top 10 Best fuji lenses for xt2 In Detailed

Bestseller No. 1
2 Pack X Mount Body Cap Cover & Rear Lens Cap for Fuji Fujifilm X-T3 X-T4 X-T2 X-S10 X-T30 X-T20 X-T10 X-T200 X-T100 X-H1 X-PRO3 X-PRO2 X-E4 X-E3 X-A7 X-A5 and More Fujifilm X Mount Camera and Lens
  • Body cap protects the camera's sensor from dust and damage when a lens is not mounted, it fits Fujifilm X mount mirrorless camera such as Fuji X-A1/X-A2/X-A3/X-A5/X-A7/X-A10/X-E2/X-E2S/X-E3/X-E4/X-M1/X-Pro1/X-Pro2/X-Pro3/XQ1/XQ2/X-T1/X-T2/X-T3/X-T4/X-T10/X-T20/X-T30/X-S10/X-H1,etc.
  • Rear lens cap protects the rear glass element and electronic contacts from scratches, dust, water and fingerprints, it fits any Fujifilm X mount lenses
  • Hot shoe cap protects the camera's hot shoe from moisture and dust, and metal pieces from oxidization
  • Package inlcudes: 2 x Body cap, 2 x Rear lens cap, 2 x Hot shoe cap
  • All of the caps are made of high quality ABS plastic
Bestseller No. 2
Fringer EF-FX PRO II Fuji Auto Focus Mount Adapter Built-in Electronic Aperture Automatic Converter for Canon EOS EF Lens to Fujifilm X-Mount X-T3 X-T4 X-Pro3 X-T200 X-A7 X-T100 XT30 XH1 XE XT2 X-Pro2
  • 【Fringer】The 2nd generation{canon ef to fuji x adapter}! EF-FX PRO2 version, (used on Fujifilm FX Mirroless Cameras), Redesigned aperture ring for more convenient operation; New MCU (more powerful, more resources for firmware update); Better light absorbing design; lens bayonet is made of brass,camera bayonet is made of alloy
  • 【Electronic aperture ring】FOR PRO VERSION ONLY, just like XF lenses, each small step is 1/3 stop and the final position after the smallest aperture is 'Auto'
  • 【Fast PDAF】DEMO OF X-T2 AND SIGMA 85/1.4 ART; AF-S (central AF point), AF-S (side AF point) and AF-C Note: AF performance varies under different light conditions and for different lens models
  • 【FAST AND ACCURATE PDAF! 】Only on cameras with X-Trans II & III CMOS
  • 【EXIF recorded】ALL LENS INFORMATION; Lens model; Focal length; Aperture setting; Support Image Stabilizer functions of EF mount lenses, almost not any extra vignetting. A great smart adapter
Bestseller No. 3
Meike 35mm f1.7 Large Aperture Manual Focus APSC Lens for Fujifilm X Mount Mirrorless Camera X-T3 X-H1 X-Pro2 X-E3 X-T1 X-T2 X-T4 X-T10 X-T20 X-T200 X-A2 X-E2 X-E1 X30 X70 X-M1 X-A1 X-S10 XPro1,etc
  • Lens Structure:5 Groups 6 Elements
  • Aperture Range: f/1.7-f/22
  • Filter diameter:49mm
  • Nano Multi-layer Coating helps reduce flaring and vignetting
  • Lens Not Attached : MANUAL LENS need you to enable "M mode " or "Release without lens" in the setting of camera
Bestseller No. 4
Meike 50mm F2.0 Large Aperture Manual Focus Lens fit Fuji X Mount Mirrorless APSC Camera X-Pro2 X-E3 X-T1 X-T2 X-T3 X-T4 X-T10 X-T20 X-A2 X-E2 X-T100 X-E1 X-S10 X30 X70 XM1 X-A1 XPro1,etc
  • Lens structure:5 groups 6 slices
  • Minimum aperture: f/22;Maximum magnification: 0.08xI
  • Filter diameter:49mm
  • Super multi-coated/Angle: Diagonal 59 degree; Horizontal 50 degree ;Vertical 33 degree 50’
  • Lens Not Attached : MANUAL LENS need you to enable "M mode " or "Release without lens" in the setting of camera
Bestseller No. 5
Gutty Lens Mount Adapter Ring for Nikon AI Mount Lens to Fujifilm FX Fuji X-Pro1 X-Pro2 X-E1 X-E2 X-M1 X-A1 X-A2 X-A3 X-A10 X-M1 X-T1 X-T2 X-T20 X30 Camera Body
  • 【ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION】: Precise docking、Tight connection:Red dot identification accurate matching;Lens & fuselage mounted on the adapter without cracks and loose,the rubber sealing ring on the bayonet makes the adapter and the fuselage more tightly connected; The function of the rubber sealing ring is to prevent the light from entering into the interference shooting dimming, which is more favorable for the professional photographer to control the light;
  • 【HIGH COST-EFFECTIVE】: Manual fast focusing、Infinite focusing、High precision、High performance、Small tolerance、Manual exposure with fuselage 、Skillful manufacture and durable 、Matte inner finishing avoid reflective imaging、Environment-friendly packaging material
  • 【MULTIPLE USED】:Suitable Lens : Nikon AI lens ; Compatible Cameras (Including, but not limited to): Fujifilm X-mount Mirrorless Cameras,like FujifilmX-A1,X-A10,X-A2,X-A3,X-AT,X-M1,X-M2,X-T1,X-T10,X-T2,X-T20,X-Pro1,X-Pro2,X-E1,X-E2,X-E2S.
  • 【MATERIAL】Light and Firm:Made of aluminium alloy,rubber,brass and aluminum (not plastic),anodized aluminum construction.The use of extinction paint inside the adapter is to absorb the light, eliminate the light entering the inside, and reduce the interference of the light.
  • 【SPECIFICATIONS】:Product weight: 145g ; Maximum diameter and length : 67.6*33.3mm ; Packing Measurement : 71*43*71mm
Bestseller No. 6
Fujinon XF23mmF2 R WR - Silver
  • Advanced image quality - ten elements in six groups, including two aspherical elements for edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • At just 180g, the XF23mmF2 R WR is compact, lightweight, and stylish for great operability
  • Weather and dust resistant, capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10 Degree
  • Fast and silent autofocus: when combined with the phase detection AF system of FUJIFILM X-Pro2 or X-T2, the lens can focus in an astonishing 0.05 seconds
  • Filter size is 43mm
Bestseller No. 7
Meike MK-35mm F1.4 Large Aperture Wide Angle Lens Manual Focus Lens Works with Fuji X Mount Mirrorless Cameras X-T3 X-T30 X-Pro2 X-E3 X-T1 X-T2 X-T10 X-T20 X-100F X-T100 X-E1 X30 X-A1 X-S10 X-T4,etc
  • Works with Fujifilm X series mirrorless camera X-T3 X-A1 X-A2 X-E1 X-E2 X-E2s X-E3 X-M1 X-T1 X-T10 X-T2 X-T20 X-Pro1 X-Pro2
  • Lens Not Attached : MANUAL LENS need you to enable "M mode " or "Release without lens" in the setting of camera
  • Fixed focal length 35mm,Wide angle lens. Maximum aperture of 1.4-16 delivers smooth bokeh,fit Close-up/portrait photo photography
  • It is a Wide Angle Lens, suitables for Landscape ,Product and Portrait Photography
  • Lens Structure:5 Groups 8 Elements
Bestseller No. 8
VILTROX 33mm F1.4 fujifilm X Mount f/1.4 XF AF Auto Focus Lens for Fujifilm Fuji X-Mount Camera X-T3 X-T2 X-H1 X20 X-T30 X-T20
  • 【for Fujifilm X-mount】Prime wide-angle lens is designed for APS-C-format FUJIFILM X-mount mirrorless cameras
  • 【Auto Focus】Support Auto Focus,Electronic Aperture
  • 【Large Aperture】Bright f/1.4 maximum aperture suits working in low-light conditions and also affords greater control over depth of field.
  • 【HD Nano】Two extra-low dispersion elements reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations in order to achieve a high degree of clarity and color accuracy. Two high refractive index elements help to control spherical aberrations and reduce distortion in order to realize high sharpness and accurate rendering.
  • 【Personalized 】only 270g , very lightweight to carry , ideal for video and vlog creator , Integrated micro-USB port can be used to update the lens's firmware.
Bestseller No. 9
VILTROX 85mm f1.8 Mark II for Fuji x Mount 85mm ii Lens AF Auto Lens Portrait Fixed Focus Lens for Fujifilm Fuji X Mount Camera X-T3 X-T2 X-T30 X-T20 X-T10 X-T100 X-PRO2
  • Well Crafted:The lens is very well crafted. Its all metal ,feels better in the hand than the native Fuji primes. It actually feels better built than most lenses. only weight 492 grams, with standard lens hood, perfect for outdoor portraits shooting.
  • STM: Faster and quieter stepping motor, provide more precise autofocus than old models .The auto focus is fast , on par with many native lenses.
  • 85mm F1.8 Aperture: The image quality on this lens is surprisingly good and it’s an all around solid performer , this lens offers excellent center and edge to edge sharpness and superb resolving power. F1.8 Aperture and 85mm focal length,give you soft and natural background blur which is ideal for portraits, delivers all the superb image resolution and contrast for you.
  • Precise Focusing : Right out of camera, the neutral quality of this lens gives skin a subtle sheen, making it and excellent choice for portraiture as well as black and white photography.The textured metal focus ring provides an exceptionally smooth experience and the 145.9° throw allows for precise focusing, even at closer distances where subtle nuances would be more noticeable.
  • Up to date:By continuous upgrade lens firmware to improve lens performance through USB port, and adapted to newest Fuji X-mount cameras (check the compatibility of your Fuji X-mount camera in the product description)
Bestseller No. 10
Fotasy FD Lens to Fuji X Adapter, Canon FD Lens to Fujifilm X Mount Adapter, Compatible with Fujifilm X-Mount X-Pro2 X-E2 X-E3 X-A5 X-M1 X-T1 X-T2 XT3 X-T10 X-T20 X-T30 X-H1
  • Solid FD mount to Fuji x mount adapter converter allows Canon FD FL lens to fit on Fujifilm x-mount Mirrorless cameras
  • Infinity focus
  • Copper Lens mount solid and durable
  • There is no electrical contacts in the adapter ring Exposure and focus has to be adjusted manually Automatic diaphragm auto-focusing or any other functions will not operated with using this adapter
  • Compatible with Canon FD mount lens & Fujifilm x-mount Mirrorless Digital Camera X-A5 z-a7 X-A10 x-pro1 X-Pro2 x-pro3 x-e1 X-E2 X-E3 x-m1 x-t1 X-T2 x-t3 X-T10 X-T20 x-t30 x-t100 X-H1
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