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Best carlton badminton racquet – The Winners!

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List of Top 10 Best carlton badminton racquet In Detailed

Bestseller No. 1
Carlton Aeroblade 2000 Badminton Racquet
  • Tempered-steel frame retains its shape through game after game
  • Sturdy grip allows novice players to get a secure handle on the racquet and master basic swing techniques
  • Isometric head shape has a larger sweet spot to help players make contact with the birdie during training sessions
  • Great for recreational badminton games, so you can use this racquet in gym class or at a rec center
  • 120 gram string weight for a lightweight, easy-to-handle racquet design
Bestseller No. 2
Carlton EX Hybrid Lite Badminton Racket
  • STRONG, DURABLE FRAME: Durable, high repulsion shaft improves the energy transfer and provides added stiffness
  • KEY RACKET SPECS: Weight: 80g/Flex: Medium/Balance: Head Heavy/Length: 26. 5"
  • FRAME CONSTRUCTION: 40T Hotmelt Graphite
  • OVERSIZE HEAD: Oversize head provides a 20% larger sweet spot. In addition, the longer main strings generate more power
  • FULL COVER INCLUDED: Full cover to ensure essential protection from scuffs and dust.
Bestseller No. 3
Carlton Vapour Trail 73S Badminton Racket, Black/Blue
  • STABLE AND DURABLE FRAME: The anti-twist-t-joint of the Torsional Control Systems (TCS) ensures a high torsion stability
  • FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Japanese Hi Modulus Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market.
  • XTREME TENSION FRAME: Attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that this racket remains strong at higher tensions
  • NANOCELL TECHNOLOGY: The special resin system of the nanocell built in the shaft increases the stiffness and optimizes shot precision and power
  • KEY RACKET SPECS: Weight: 80g / Flex: Medium / Balance: Head Heavy
Bestseller No. 4
Carlton Powerblade V400 Badminton Racket, Blue/Silver
  • COMPOSITION: Japanese HotMelt Graphite provides better response time and perfect stability which results in enhanced shot placement with more accuracy
  • WIDE BODY FRAME: Provides torsional stiffness at the T-joint section which will provide you better accuracy and control on every shot
  • PRO V12 GROMMETS: Softening of the grommet provides you with excellent string motion through the grommets and a bigger sweet spot
  • XTREME TENSION FRAME: This strengthened racket frame can sustain 11% higher string tension as compared to standard racket frames
  • BALANCE/WEIGHT: Head Heavy/82 grams
Bestseller No. 5
Carlton Kinesis 80S Badminton Racket
  • ADVANCED, LIGHTER WEIGHT FRAME: Lightweight 82g frame insures perfect handling and a first-class maneuverability
  • MICRO GROMMET SYSTEM: Micro grommets and pocket grooves provide more touch and control while also reducing aerodynamic drag
  • FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Japanese Hi Modulus Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market.
  • OPTIMETRIC HEAD: Delivers both power, airspeed, and control in one frame.
  • KEY RACKET SPECS: Weight: 82g/Flex: Medium/Balance: Head Heavy
Bestseller No. 6
Carlton Vapour Trail 78 Badminton Racket, Black/Silver
  • COMPOSITION: Japanese HotMelt Graphite - More durable, stable and consistent in performance than normal graphite construction
  • STRONG/DURABLE FRAME: Flattened T-Joint offers improved torsional rigidity and allows players toexecute more accurate shots
  • HIGH REPULSION RACKET SHAFT: HRS Shaft offers high repulsion power, giving you faster return time and more power
  • WEIGHT/FLEX: Weight 78 grams/Flex: Flexible
  • LENGTH/BALANCE POINT: Length 675mm/Balance: Head Heavy
Bestseller No. 7
Carlton Aeroblade 4000 Badminton Racket
  • Carlton Aeroblade 4000 Badminton Racket
  • VERY DURABLE FRAME: Titanium alloy frame won't bend or warp under heavy use to last through countless games and practice sessions
  • BUILT IN POWER: Tough tempered-steel shaft helps players get power behind each shot
  • ENLARGED SWEET SPOT: Isometric head shape has a larger sweet spot for reliable contact with the birdie
  • EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE FRAME: 90 gram strung weight for lightweight strength and easy handling
Bestseller No. 8
Carlton Powerblade EX300 Badminton Racket, Black/Yellow
  • M24 JHM GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION: Graphite made in Japan using HotMelt manufacturing technology is known to be more durable, more consistent in performance and more stable than normal graphite
  • WIDE-BODY FRAME: This type of frame is wider at the T-joint, which increases its torsional stiffness. As a result, the frame yields better control and your shots become more accurate
  • XTREME TENSION FRAME: Attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that this racket remains strong at higher tensions
  • PRO V12 GROMMETS: Specific eyelets are strategically placed at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock to soften string contact and provide extra power in the sweet spot
  • KEY RACKET SPECS: Weight: 86g / Flex: Medium / Balance: Even
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